The Power of Dreams

DreamCatchers Foundation not only touches
the lives of hospice patients, but
also students, hospice partners, and their

The Power of Dreams on Students

DreamCatchers provides students with a unique opportunity to connect with older
generations, while learning essential life skills.

Dreams start with Students. Students make it possible for hospice patients to bring their end- of-life dreams to life. In understanding the power of dreams and fulfilling them for hospice patients, our students learn:

Teamwork — Each DreamCatchers Chapter is comprised of a team of volunteers, with varying roles, to ensure Dreams are successfully fulfilled. Students learn to self-govern, elect leaders, and acknowledge the unique contributions of their fellow team members.

Compassion — A young person’s capacity to understand others in our society cannot be underestimated, especially in the complex world we live in today. DreamCatchers engages students to interact with persons near to the end of their lives, who are in a vulnerable state of being. In this process, students gain important perspectives and a shared sense of humanity.

Entrepreneurship — Every Dream fulfilled requires careful planning, budgeting, fundraising/sales, presentation, and marketing. There are many moving pieces in delivering a Dream and because patients are near to the end of their lives, time is of the essence. Students work with hospices and patients to identify a Dreamer and Dream to be fulfilled. Students then plan the Dream, develop a budget, creatively fundraise, and engage corporations and individuals to sponsor the Dream. Presentation is always top of mind for DreamCatchers student volunteers. Often, students work directly with the press and local news agencies, who are eager to share inspiring and uplifting news.

Career Exploration and Preparation — Students volunteer with DreamCatchers to gain experience for their future and the experience allows them to explore careers in service to others. Our students are often interested in social work, entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, as well as careers in healthcare, such as nursing or being a physician.

What do DreamCatchers Student Volunteers say about their Experience
with DreamCatchers?
the power of dreams

100% of students indicate that their service with DreamCatchers has positively impacted their ability to work within a team setting.

the power of dreams

97.3% of students indicate that working with DreamCatchers has positively impacted their ability to communicate with and interact with older adults.

98.6% of students indicate that working with DreamCatchers has made giving back to their communities more a priority in their life.

90.4% of students plan to seek out more opportunities to engage with older adults after their experience with DreamCatchers.

91.8% of students understand more about how nonprofits operate after working with DreamCatchers.

Ron's Dream

DreamCatchers fulfilled Ron’s Dream to see his hometown from
above – in a helicopter!

What Our Community Has to Say

Dreamers (Hospice Patients)

DreamCatchers maximizes the attention our society places upon older generations- whose presence is often otherwise minimized – as they near the end of their lives.

Our Student Chapters and Hospice Partners work collaboratively for our Dreamers, hospice patients, who experience the joy of a lifelong Dream come true. These end-of-life dreams can be great to each individual hospice patient, bringing them a day full of excitement and happiness. After each Dream, our Dreamers report big smiles and happy memories, forever grateful for the work of DreamCatchers.

Our Dreamers, typically older adult hospice patients, are at a higher risk of experiencing loneliness or social isolation than the general population. However, with each Dream, our Dreamers connect with students and form strong relationships. DreamCatchers breaks down barriers to social connection for hospice patients and understands the power of dreams and what they mean to these hospice patients..

“I did want to share that I visited with Barry this week. It’s the first time I’ve seen him since his Dream was fulfilled by you and the students at Mountain View High School. Barry was very appreciative of the time he spent with the horses and was thrilled by the experience. However, what he really took away from the whole experience was the kindness and the love he felt from the students. He said he was moved to tears by the way the students attended to him, helped him read, and generally cared for him. It was touching for me to hear how moved he was by these young students and how hopeful he is for their future.”

-Tammy Cabrera, MSW, LCSW, East Valley Hospice: Barry’s
Arabian Horse Dream

Hospice Partners

With a DreamCatchers partnership, our Hospice Partners experience increased staff morale and greater satisfaction with their work.

Working closely with our Student Chapters, are hospice partners. A Dream uplifts hospice partners with opportunities to spread joy, connect with patients, and inspire their communities.

“This is amazing! My heart just warms to see this email about Tony’s Dream experience. It is more than just healthcare we provide to patients and families. They become like family to us because of the most unforgettable things we are able to do and share with them during their journey and trusting us to care for them at an important time in their lives.”
-Chelsey Yvonne Burke, RN MSN BSN PHN, Assisted Home Health &
Hospice: Tony’s Clippers Dream by Burton Tech Chapter


DreamCatchers strengthens communities as they unite in a shared goal.

Our work with Students, Hospice Partners, and Dreamers brings the Community together as well. We have worked with local businesses and organizations across the nation to make Dreams come true for hospice patients. Through these partnerships, local community organizations and businesses often provide donations of goods and services, strengthening community connections. Dreams bring the Community together around the experience of fulfilling a Dream and support Student Chapters as they plan and execute the perfect Dream day for our Dreamers.

How to Make the Hospice Experience Better for Everyone

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