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  • DreamCatchers Foundation develops youth to be compassionate, entrepreneurial leaders in their communities by fostering intergenerational connections between students and older adults. These connections are created through acts of service, including fulfilling end-of-life Dreams for hospice patients.

Key Milestones


DreamCatchers Founder, Caitlin Crommett, then 12 years of age, volunteers at a hospice singing at memorial services for families of patients. Caitlin loved this, but wanted to do something meaningful for patients while they were alive.


After watching the movie Patch Adams, Caitlin grants a Dream for Bernie, a sailor. She officially registered the concept as DreamCatchers Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation.


The idea grows into a club at Caitlin’s high school, and spreads to 3 other high schools in the area.


More students learn about DreamCatchers, partnering with local hospices, and fulfilling end-of-life Dreams for hospice patients. Caitlin and another student, Katie , expand DreamCatchers to 7 states.


DreamCatchers is featured on an NBC national commercial during a Notre Dame football game halftime show, increasing nationwide visibility.


DreamCatchers has its first official Board of Directors meeting in Phoenix, AZ. The organization spans 10 states and 15 chapters.


DreamCatchers grows to over 40 active chapters across the country and welcomes its first national partner, EHO Rx.


DreamCatchers expands its Executive Team, rebrands itself and embarks on ambitious
growth plans to expand to all 50 states and internationally.


A DreamCatchers chapter in Arizona is covered by the CBS Evening News, and the students are recognized for their work and share the lessons they’ve learned.


More to come!

Origin of the Dreamcatcher

Native Americans have long known that the night air is filled with both good and bad dreams. In order to respect and honor Spider Woman, the people of the Ojibwe Nation weaved Dreamcatchers to hang above the beds of their sleeping children. The dreamcatcher filters out the bad dreams and allows only good thoughts to enter into our minds when we are asleep. A small hole in the center of the dreamcatcher is where the good dreams come through. With the first rays of sunlight, the bad dreams will perish.

Founder Caitlin Crommett is part Native American with her ancestry tracing back to the Penobscot tribe in Maine. She honors the elders of our communities with the gift of the dreamcatchers and by granting their Dreams just as the people of the Ojibwe Nation have honored Spider Woman by weaving the dreamcatchers. DreamCatchers creates a pathway for our youth to honor our elders. 

How to Make the Hospice Experience Better for Everyone

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