Our Mission

DreamCatchers Foundation develops youth to be compassionate, entrepreneurial leaders in their communities by fostering intergenerational connections between students and older adults. These connections are created through acts of service, including fulfilling end-of-life Dreams for hospice patients.

At DreamCatchers, we have witnessed the immense happiness our Dreams bring to so many in their last days of life, and the peace and comfort these Dreams bring to their family and friends. We have watched students chose a career path dedicated to a lifetime of service because of their experience with DreamCatchers. We have felt the powerful intergenerational connection that transpires when older and younger generations collide in moments of true magic.

At DreamCatchers, we say:

Dream It. Plan It. Do It.

Your gift makes the “Do It” possible, and we are deeply grateful that you chose to make a difference in the lives of others through our mission.

How to Make the Hospice Experience Better for Everyone

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