Empower Students and their
Local Communities to
Fulfill Hospice Patients’
End-of-Life Dreams

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Our Mission

DreamCatchers empowers students and their local communities to fulfill end-of-life Dreams of hospice patients, and creates powerful connections for younger and older generations.

The Power of Intergenerational Connection

“Connections between generations are essential for the mental health and stability of a nation.”
– Margaret Mead

In past times, older and younger generations were intertwined naturally. Today, this is less so.

At DreamCatchers, we build bridges to connect generations. For some youth involved, interactions with hospice Dreamers are one of the few connections they have to an older generation. These interactions give them insight and wisdom that impacts the rest of their lives. By providing both young and old the opportunity to connect in a unique way, each is transformed in powerful ways. Research has also shown that there are massive mental and physical health benefits to intergenerational interaction

Introducing Our National Partner

Partnering with DreamCatchers was an easy decision for EHO. The work they are doing to positively impact those near to the end of their life, and develop youth in the process, is exemplary. EHO believes deeply in the inspiring work they are doing for hospice patients, students and our communities. We are proud to support their work.

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Ron's Dream

DreamCatchers fulfilled Ron’s Dream to see his hometown from
above – in a helicopter!

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