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[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Chelsey Yvonne Burke, RN MSN BSN PHN  ” subtitle=”Hospice Director of Patient Care Services, Assisted Home Health & Hospice, Assisted Healthcare Services”]

This is amazing! My heart just warms to see this email about Tony’s dream experience. It is more than just healthcare we provide to patients and families. But they become like family to us because of the most unforgettable things we are able to do and share with them during their journey and trusting us to care for them in an important time in their lives.

Thank you so much to Dream Catchers amazing team organization that really “makes dreams come true”. I cannot express enough gratitude and I know this is just the beginning of us touching lives in our LA community.

Thank you so much Stella and Anchor Retirement for allowing our teams of Assisted and DreamCatchers to make dreams come true. <3

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Stella Lewis” subtitle=”Administrator, Anchor Retirement Homes”]

I wanted to express my gratitude for the work your students put in for Tony. He woke up smiling, telling me all about it. One thing that stands out, as we age & life slows down it’s the little things that we cherish.

Tony started his story by saying how beautiful the city looked as he was driven to the Staples center. He went on to say how wonderful it was to see so many “beautiful people” smiling at him.

How everyone spoke so kindly & listened patiently, how marvelous it was to hear the fans, sit with his son to watch a game & have a hamburger.

This was all before he got to the part about having his picture taken center counter & the “beautiful shirts & fun hat” he was gifted.

Tony said: “This is one of those things that happens once in your life, you remember it forever & if you need a pick me, you can go to that memory & get your smile back, I will be smiling all week long! Oh and they won! Did I tell ya the Clippers won”?!

Thank you so very much, I really hope they know, just how much this means to Tony, his family, our senior community & how much good they are doing.

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Anna Schulz, MA” subtitle=”

Volunteer Manager, The Elizabeth Hospice”]

I’m so happy to report that Vanessa, Finley, and their two team-mates created a very special event for our patient and her family. Lisa is organizing the photos now and we will share with you all when they are ready.

They provided a full breakfast including made to order Mickey Mouse pancakes that the patient and everyone really loved. The students presented the patient with a stuffed Marie cat – her favorite Disney character from the Aristocats. One of them was in an Elsa Frozen costume and she played with the 3 & 8 year old granddaughters. The students brought gift baskets for the kids as well. I was impressed that they incorporated a lot of thoughtful details including real flatware and elegant plates in line with the princess theme. The students wore black and white waiters outfits and looked very sharp.

The party was enjoyed by our patient, her mom, her daughter, two granddaughters, and her brother. They were very appreciative and the students engaged with them & shared lots of laughs and smiles.

The students deserve a lot of credit for working quickly to make this happen. In addition, they took off of school to make today’s event possible. Our team is not expecting this woman’s life to last much longer, but how wonderful that this family celebration is included in her life story.

Thanks so much to the Del Norte, DreamCatchers & Caitlin for this wonderful opportunity.

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Tammy Cabrera, MSW, LCSW” subtitle=”Director of Social Services”]

I did want to share that I visited with Barry this week.  It’s the first time I’ve seen him since his wish was fulfilled by you and the students at Mountain View High School. Barry was very appreciative of the time he spent with the horses and was thrilled by the experience. However, what he really took away from the whole experience was the kindness and the love he felt from the students.   He said the he was moved to tears in the way the students attended to him, helped him read and generally cared for him. It was touching for me to hear how moved he was by these young students and how hopeful he is for their future.

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Hilarie ” subtitle=”Sister of Anne- Boulder Creek HS Dream 2019″]

Hi Avery,

I just wanted to thank you again for helping us with Anne’s party on Saturday.  She loved it and we all have fantastic memories of the special day. Everyone enjoyed meeting and talking to you.  Your dedication to DreamCatchers is wonderful – it’s clear you love helping people.

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Ena Barisse, Volunteer Coordinator” subtitle=”Summit Hospice, Summit Wellness Foundation”]

Working with DreamCatchers is like working with angels. DreamCatchers not only make one’s dream come true, but they go above and beyond to make that Dream into something amazing!  The Dream takes on a life of its own and it comes to rest as a forever cherished life event, not only for the Dreamer, but for everyone involved.  Summit Hospice is so blessed to be associated with DreamCatchers!

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Ena Barisse” subtitle=”Summit Hospice”]

All of us from Summit Hospice cannot thank you enough for making our patient’s dream come true! Not only did Maria have a wonderful time, but she did not need any of her anxiety medicine the next day! She spent her Sunday coloring seahorse and fish pictures. How wonderful is that???

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Dr. Patch Adams”]

A friend sent me the article about your being inspired by the movie of my life and it made me smile. Bravo. I thought it might interest you—I prefer to clown for adults—especially elders.  Maybe you’ll come on a clown trip sometime.

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Bernie′s wife”]

I really don’t know how to ever thank you for what you did for my husband today. Your overwhelming kindness and generosity meant so much to not only us but our friends, as well.  Bernie has not had much to smile about these past few years, but today he was smiling throughout the entire (sailing) trip. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a nice day. Take care, and if I can ever do anything to help you please contact me.

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Edward Taub, M.D.” subtitle=”America′s Wellness Doctor”]

I have been practicing pediatric medicine for 35 years and I have never met anyone like Caitlin

[/cmsms_quote][cmsms_quote name=”Mr. & Mrs. Tighe”]

My husband and I were impressed with your organization, DreamCatchers, granting wishes for very ill adults. We were impressed with you, your maturity, and the future you have with such a positive and ambitious attitude. Our friend, (patient), has a deteriorating neurological disease which has robbed him of all the activities he has always enjoyed. DreamCatchers put together a schooner trip off of Dana Point, CA to benefit (patient) who has been a life long sailor. The smile on his face was a testament to the success of your efforts. We were thrilled to share this experience with him.