Our Supporters

A large part of the DreamCatchers centers on teamwork and connections. For us, partnership means more than just a donation. You are becoming a friend to our work and we want the generous men, women, and companies who donate to be aware of the impact they are making.

If you want to learn more about sponsorship or donating to a chapter, feel free to contact us at info@dreamcatchers.org or click the link below.


Featured Corporate Partner

DreamCatchers is incredibly grateful and excited to be partnering with EHORx on a national level. EHO is an experienced, national Hospice Pharmacy benefit manager with a deep understanding of the hospice system. The partnership will allow DreamCatchers to fulfill more Dreams for more patients nationwide. EHO plans to establish new chapters with its existing hospice clients and rapidly expand the opportunity to future clients.


EHO Partners with Hospice Nonprofit DreamCatchers as National Sponsor

January 14, 2020

EHO views the partnership as a way to become more active in the hospice community. The goal is to enable DreamCatchers to grow and provide more dreams to a greater number of patients. Initially, EHO plans to establish new chapters with its existing hospice clients and rapidly expand the opportunity for future clients. “We see this as an opportunity to add value for our hospice partners while sharing our extensive reach…


Thank you to our current Friends of DreamCatchers for helping us increase intergenerational connections and fulfill more end-of-life Dreams nationwide!

Corporate Sponsors

The generous support of these sponsors has helped our student-run chapters make Dreams come true for some very deserving patients in palliative care across the country this past year.


Our Valued Donors

Without your support, DreamCatchers would not be able to fulfill Dreams and continue connecting generations. Thank you to these incredible individuals and companies that have donated to our foundation and our student chapters.

Visionary ($1000+)
Karen Smith
Luke Johnson
Ashley Trussell
Jack Wigley
Brett Ellens Charitable Fund

Idealist ($500+)
Hamilton Baiden
Tom Hegna
Rosario Glasco
Eric Kilstrom
Barbara Hawes
Sandra Hudson
Douglas Wood
Steve Zimmerman
Marc Sweeney
Hyung Hoon Jung
Allen R Davidson

Inspirer ($200+)
Jack York
William Pickle
Mark Noble
Jesse Barnsley
Curtis Cloke
Danah Flanagan
Karl Feller
Cheryl Martin
Jack Kurihara
Kevin James
Mary Code

Friends of DreamCatchers Foundation

Thanks to the generosity of these companies, DreamCatchers can spread our mission far and wide and reach more people than ever before. We are grateful to them for their ongoing support of the organization.

National Event Sponsors

These wonderful companies have donated their services and goods to help us put on our Second Annual Casino Night fundraiser on January 18, 2020 in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was our most successful fundraiser to date! More information on our 3rd Annual Casino Night Sponsorships coming soon.

Help Us Spread the Dream

Every donation helps us fulfill more Dreams and impact more youth & hospice Dreamers each day. We rely on your support to continue spreading our mission nationwide, and appreciate your generosity! Please contact us for more information on partnerships and sponsorships.