Hospice Partner Update – June 2020

Hello DreamCatchers Students, Partners, and Board Members,

So far, the past few months have been difficult to navigate with the pandemic and figuring out what we can and cannot do- as DreamCatchers and in our daily lives. On top of that, we’ve added in the challenge of navigating through one of the most historic times in our lifetimes in terms of racial injustice and consequent action as a result.

DreamCatchers is committed to serving people of all races in the work we do and will stand in solidarity with those peacefully protesting recent events and with the black community going forward. We hope to be a part of a better, more equal future and will do our part in ensuring we represent that effectively.

In the meantime, we wanted to check in with you and share some updates for upcoming Dreams. 

We are here to support each and every one of you however we can during this time, and please reach out if you feel there is something we can do to better accomplish this goal. Due to the protests, (store closings, general safety, curfews) and the ever-changing landscape of the pandemic,  we want you to be prepared for managing delays in Dream fulfillment for a few days, to ensure everyone’s safety.

Student chapters must continue to communicate with us and their current hospice contact to ensure proper safety measures are taken for Dreams- but know we are prepared to work through these challenges and delays with you. 

Let’s hope it won’t be long before we’re all back doing Dream fulfillment “the old fashioned way” – until then, hang in there!
We are so grateful for your commitment and service to our terminally ill Dreamers, as always –

Stay Kind, Stay Safe and let’s Stay Strong Together!
Caitlin, Elaine, and the entire DreamCatchers team

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