Dream Directory – [Cloned #6722]

Take a look at just a few of the many Dreams fulfilled by DreamCatchers student Chapters nationwide.

The General's Flight Dream
Dave "The General", a WWII veteran pilot and POW in Germany after being shot down, took flight one last time. He flew 45 minutes out of Scottsdale airport with the help of Thunderbird Field Veterans Memorial pilot Steve Ziomek. At 96 years old, Dave flew like he was in his 20s. The dream day also included a ceremony at Luke AFB, Arizona-56th Fighter Wing.
Clifford's Horseshoes Dream
The GCU chapter fulfilled 100 year-old, Clifford's, dream of a day filled with friends and his favorite game, horseshoes. Clifford spent the day with friends and the GCU chapter members. The pictures show just how excited he was to be out playing his favorite game.
Don's Wedding Dream
Don, who was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, Dreamed of a wedding that was 22 years in the making. The couple said that over the years they have been so busy they forgot about marriage, but they were extremely grateful to finally share the experience together. The atmosphere was filled with kindness and laughter.
Dorothy's Memoir Dream
Dorothy's Dream was to publish her memoir. Her Hospice of the Valley social worker, Clara Komar, combed through 120 pages of handwritten notes with DreamCatchers' Nicole Jones of Mountain View High and Jayden Orr of Grand Canyon University and turned it into a book. The cover: Dorothy’s own painting! “My great-grandchildren don't know me, but they'll be able to read my memoir when they're older," the 99-year-old Dreamer said with a big smile on her face!
Irby's Hot Air Balloon Dream
Irby had been Dreaming of flying in a hot air balloon for a while, but her medical issues have not allowed her to do so. However, in early January Irby was able to experience her long awaited Dream with the help of the Red Mountain High School DreamCatchers. Irby and her daughter got up at sunrise to fly in the balloon. The view was beautiful and the experience will be a forever memory for the both of them.