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Thank you for your support of the Hospice DreamCatcher Foundation! Your donation will help us continue to grant Dreams for hospice patients. These Dreams are fulfilled with the intention to positively impact the hospice patient, family members, and patient caregivers.

You may initiate a donation in the following ways:

1. Click on the Donate Today! button on any page of this website, or click the button below. You will then be directed to a page to donate securely online. If the donation is on behalf of a specific chapter, please write which chapter in the “Add a Note” section on Paypal or on the donation page once you move forward with your donation, OR

2.  Send your donation directly to our office at: Hospice DreamCatcher Foundation, 10105 E Via Linda, Suite 103, Scottsdale, AZ  85258. Please make a note if the donation is made to support a specific chapter, OR

3.  Provide your donation directly to a DreamCatchers club member at the local high school, university, or hospice. Please make the check out to Hospice DreamCatcher Foundation and specify the local chapter you wish to support.

Your donation is tax deductible!

Hospice Dreamcatcher Foundation, Inc.        Fed Tax ID: 05-0634716

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