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Welcome to the Pedagogy of Life – an online learning series that focuses on practices to address the emotional well-being of children.

The learning series a series of modules developed over a decade of direct work with children. These have created successful changes amongst children on the streets, in institutions, orphanages, shelter homes, specially abled children and poor communities.

If you are a Counselor, Educator, Parent, Youth facilitator, Community organizer or someone who just wants to learn about how to enable children and young people to meet their potential; enroll here.


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The Wisdom Circle is a unique learning environment where children  learn from the textbook of one’s life and from each others’ life experiences.

Currently, the Wisdom Circle is directly reaching 150 children in various districts of Tamil Nadu. R. Krishnan is spearheading various Dreamcatchers programs with children growing up in Orphanages, Shelter Homes and Hostels, children with disabilities such as Blindness, Speech and Hearing Impairment and Physical Disabilities, children with  Mental challenges, and young people from Tribal Communities.


Using Technology to social and emotional learning:

We are currently implementing a pilot project – Dreamcatchers Digital Design Studio that uses ICT for Changemaking in young people. It brings together Multimedia and Creative Arts to help children and youth from villages become Changemakers and take micro-level initiatives to create social and cultural awareness. At present, Krishnan is implementing the work with the children from his own village Kurumbakeri, located at Tirupattur Taluka, Dist. Vellore.

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