“We are founded to make a difference in the lives of children and youth who face tough life situations; continuously asingk of themselves does anything really matter, living with a dazed look in their eyes or are simply looking for purpose.”

Dreamcatchers offers a work environment that helps to actualize, deepen and expand the field of transformative programming for young people. We recognize that when an individual comes as a volunteer, consultant, full time staff or Mentor, they must experience the essence of the Dreamcatchers change program. Therefore, as a workspace we offer the following opportunities on a day-to-day basis:

  • A sense of belonging between peers that comes from having committed oneself to the cause of changing young people’s lives
  • Actions founded in meaning; to be fully aware of and understand how their day-to-day actions irrefutability create change in young people’s lives
  • Persevere with challenges; continuously shift places of stuckness and push the boundaries
  • Experience the power of continuity; to recognize and understand that a Dreamcatchers team member in any position is an invaluable link to the past, the present and the emerging future for every child we work with

Team members at Dreamcatchers are required to meet the following 3 areas of action:

  1. Meet program vision, deliverables and outcomes
  2. Commit to learn skills necessary for implementing the program at their level through self learning; learning with peers and through group learning sessions
  3. Reflect upon the impact, learnings and change being unleashed in the implementation of the work

The acceptance of the invitation to be a part of this workspace is understood to be intrinsically linked with wanting to impact the lives of the groups that are the focus of the Dreamcatchers work. Thus a deep commitment to impact young people’s lives and set their imagination free lies at the heart of becoming a member of the Dreamcatchers community.