Sonali Ojha

Sonali is the creative leader behind Dreamcatchers and has over a 20 year career in pursuing social justice work. “Education for transformation” lies at the heart of her practice as a facilitator with children and youth.
Sonali has been awarded the Ashoka Fellowship and the Global Fund for Children’s International Fellow in recognition of her innovative work at Dreamcatchers Foundation.
She also consults with organizations on strategic planning and program development, Coaches social entrepreneurs and mentors start ups.
Sonali is currently working on a book entitled “Breaking New Ground-embodied approaches with youth which offers a pattern language for building learning environments that enable vulnerable children and youth to meet their emotional needs and become self-reliant.
She is a post graduate from Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) and was part of the Founding Class at THNK, Creative Leadership School, Amsterdam.

R. Krishnan

Krishnan joined Dreamcatchers in December 2007, and went through deep inner – transformation as he started practicing the work. Over the years, he has worked with hundreds of children, and watched them change and grow in deep ways.
In his experience, children study English, Maths, Geography in school, yet they don’t learn from LIFE. The Dreamcatchers work allows them that experience of sharing and learning through each other’s stories. As a result they become balanced in themselves.
Krishnan is working on mastering the art of wandering into the unknown and sensing what can be born? He has been at the forefront of each of the Dreamcatchers’ experiments in the last 7 years.
He has worked with a children in diverse contexts – including run away, shelter home, orphan, single parents, visually challenged, physically challenged, speech and hearing impaired children, tribal, and mentally challenged children) youth and supported the development of the Dreamcatchers in each of these unique contexts. He has also trained educators, community organizers and youth workers and inspired them to adopt social and emotional learning practises with their groups of young people.

Shuchi S. Agrawal

With a Masters in Communications, and some years of Advertising and Writing work, Shuchi decided to pursue her long-standing dream of working for children and young people. The driving force was to create ways and means to enable them to live a life full of meaning and purpose. Today, she is a Counselling Psychologist and uses her communication skills to write and create awareness about the Emotional needs of children.
Being a part of Dreamcatchers has been ” a continuous learning experience as each day you unearth a new aspect of your Self.”
Currently Shuchi leads Communications and Creative Campaigns of Dreamcatchers, and wishes to learn Program Designing.

Riddhi Mehta

Riddhi is a B.A with majors in Psychology and Political Science. After graduation, she decided to take a gap before pursuing a Masters in Psychology. In the meantime, she wanted get some work experience in this stream so as to eventually take up a career in counselling and therapy. Riddhi’s entry into the fold happened because one of her friends was volunteering here mentioned the work Dreamcatchers does with children. In her words, “Dreamcatchers has changed my world view and helped me see the world from a different perspective.”
At Dreamcatchers Riddhi wears many hats – she creates Digital Communications, manages our office and is our tribe builder in the virtual world.