Building an ecosystem to support the field of social-emotional learning for children and youth in India, is the core focus area of our work. Building an ecosystem means training and empowering the supportive adults, stakeholders and organizations that work for children and youth. This ecosystem includes the following sets of people:

Children and Young People (in different tab)

Dreamcatchers work holds the vision that all children and youth fundamentally seek to respond to life with life-affirming behaviors. Groups we work with include children in vulnerable situations, such as:

  • Children growing up alone in shelter homes, orphanages, institutions
  • Differently abled children: visually challenged, hearing and speech impaired, physically challenged, children with mild cerebral palsy
  • Marginalized communities: Dalits, Backward Caste and OBCs
  • Vulnerable communities: Tribals, impacted by disaster, resettled nomads
  • Children in especially difficult circumstances: street children, drug using children, young girls in commercial sex work

Our work has been adapted to reach many different sets of young people such as:

  1. Young people in search of purpose and meaning in their life
  2. Young Entrepreneurs and Change makers
  3. Children and youth in urban areas

Supportive Adults

Supportive Adults in the life of children can be listed as the following groups of people:

  • Teachers
  • Youth workers and Educators
  • Community organizers
  • Program officers
  • Counselors
  • Parents

Dreamcatchers trains these groups of supportive adults with tools to guide children in their journey towards self reliance. The training takes them through the same process of self-discovery and reflection as the children. This transformative journey enables adults to respond from a place of experience and authenticity.


Dreamcatchers enables organizations to transition to learning organizations –enabling the shift from child and youth friendly practices to ones that are centered on empowering them with purpose, initiating decision making and action. We work with organizations on a range of issues to enable successful implementation of their vision. These include – articulating the learning model of the organization, developing collaborative strategic plans with the entire team, curriculums and supportive evaluations, toolkits and TOTs, articulating the supporting culture and values of an organization and embedding it in organizations through experiential trainings.