Our Evolution

1. Heartsearching

Began in 2000 based on insights of how street children view their emotional world –Continued working with children growing up alone till 2005 to understand the emotional needs of children in diverse institutional settings.

2. Finding Our Own Unique Way Forward: 2005-2012

Our question: What would full; fledged programs addressing emotional needs for diverse groups of young people look like?
Began to develop curriculums and program designs for young people diverse groups and contexts – communities post disaster, orphanages, schools, application of principles to changemaking and entrepreneurship

3. A New Way Of Seeing: 2012-2013

What should growth look like; given that the spectrum of groups that could benefit from the Dreamcatchers work is so varied and wide?
Deciding on building an on-line institute and focusing on developing the field and ecosystem

4. Acting On A New Awareness: 2014

Building the Dreamcatchers Youth Institute as a one-stop resource on social and emotional learning