Through the years, as we encountered young people with inner breakdowns, we asked ourselves this question, “How might we reframe moments of breakdown into opportunities for regeneration?”

We found our inspiration and ideas from social and human development frameworks. Integrating insights from Architecture, Creative Arts, Contemplative work, Leadership, Innovations and Design Thinking, Dreamcatchers pioneered a new approach to Social and Emotional learning.

The core of the Dreamcatchers work lies in taking young people through a step by step learning encounter with change. Through these encounters, they:

  1. Learn from each other’s life experiences
  2. Gain insights from within oneself that offer a vision of a new possible future
  3. Engage in inspired action in the external world

Designing innovative and impactful programs is our core competency. All our programs are designed using key principles from the fields of:

  1. Contemplative practices
  2. Creative Arts
  3. . Design Thinking
  4. Architecture
  5. Leadership development
  6. . Learning from the future
  7. Youth led Intergenerational engagement