Engage With Us

Dreamcatchers is a multi-faceted organization, offering a variety of transformative work with young people. There are many ways through which organizations and youth workers can engage with us.

  1. Co-Create with us and become an awareness builder – enable adults to better understand the emotional world and needs of children and youth
  2. Join our Online Portal and use our Transformative Curriculums with children
  3. Become a Certified Dreamweaver – Attend a Coaching Program to understand the core Dreamcatchers work. The certification is at Basic and Advanced levels
  4. Make Dreamcatchers your Mentor – You are a young person, would like to find you strength and life-purpose work with children but don’t know how. Meet us.
  5. Consultancy – If you are an organization, and would like us to build a social and emotional needs based program for your beneficiary base- Connect with us.