All About Us


Dreamcatchers Foundation, is a Non-Profit based in Mumbai, India that designs and implements innovative programs focused on meeting social and emotional needs of children and youth.


We develop models which enable young people to transition from a point of powerlessness to a place of strength in their lives. Each of our programs aim to:

  1. Enable self-discovery and help children give meaning to their experiences
  2. Develop positive, affirming relationships with family and peers
  3. Foster inter-generational relationships
  4. Enable young people to bring about change in their community


Our programs are designed using key principles from the fields of:

  1. Contemplative practices
  2. Creative Arts
  3. Design Thinking
  4. Architecture
  5. Leadership development
  6. Learning from the future
  7. Youth led Intergenerational engagement


Dreamcatchers area of focus is to build an ecosystem for promoting social and emotional and learning with the following groups in India – support the field of social emotional learning for children and youth in India. To this effect, we work with:

  1. Children and Young People
  2. Supportive adults in the life of children
  3. Organizations working with children

Dreamcatchers designs programs that enable young people to have moments of insight, enabling them to become self-reliant. As life unfolds, each young person faces moments of vulnerability, confusion and loss. Transitioning through these periods requires the ability to problem-solve and learn empowered ways of coping and move forward towards a new future.

Drawing from key principles in the fields of Contemplative practices, Creative Arts, Design Thinking, Leadership Development, Learning from the Future and Youth led Intergenerational engagement, Dreamcatchers designs Social and Emotional learning environments where young people can explore, re-evaluate life and begin the journey towards self-reliance.